Medical Aid Covered & Available at pharmacies and other Major Outlets in South Africa, and is 100% Natural from the Cape Flora Kingdom

SOBALERT provides extra energy to liver functions such as boost immunity and also to detoxify toxins. Other positive benefits are also enhanced.

“Why SobAlert?”

Immune system “boosting” SobAlert is Better! It consists of 100% natural Cape Flora, aids your brain, liver, blood and your entire immune system. No synthetic toxic effects are experienced! As an immune booster SobAlert promotes a natural boost for the body by reducing lethargy (fatigue) when taken on a daily basis.

As a natural product, it will help maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is also achieved by good hydration, healthy eating and moderate exercise, to stimulate blood circulation and rid the body of that “heavy” feeling.

We are extremely proud of this totally natural and very effective product.  It is an unprecedented and effective immune booster and anti-metabolism toxic effect. SobAlert is made from highly specialised, all natural ingredients which neutralises the substances that cause blood brain barrier crossing effects, and at the same time boosts your entire immunity.

TRY it! You will feel the difference!

All Natural - Other than feeling good

The other great news is that it is covered by medical aids. SobAlert is made from natural ingredience that also have other major secondary benefits.

Better immune means more productivity!

Liver Health

SOBALERT is a natural health product from the Cape floral kingdom, that enhances the energy of the liver. The largest immune organ of the body.

In addition Sobalert enhances the energy of the Bioenzyme networks in the thousands of mitochondria in the liver cell (Hepatocyte) cytoplasm.

This increases the production of anti-inflammatories, including amino acids, flavonoids and globulins.


The high-quality raw ingredients of SobAlert come from the Cape Floral Kingdom. This is an area of over 55 000 square kilometers and although it is the smallest of the world’s 6 floral kingdoms, it is the most bio-diverse area on earth. It has over 9000 floral species of which 6500 are endemic (The Netherlands has only 11 endemic species)

There are more flower species on Table Mountain than in the whole of the British Isles. Scientists are reverting back to natural medicines due to consumer demand; much like the Khoi San did years ago.

Adhering to international standards, SobAlert is manufactured in the Cape Province of South Africa.

Flower species like green tea, rooibos, honey bush and Bucchu are widely used today as is SobAlert. SobAlert is growing in popularity to become Southern Africa’s totally natural, no.1 preventer of “post fatigue”.

These ingredients are made into a unique scientifically formulated product that helps to neutralize the free radicals such as the toxin “acetaldehyde” that crosses the blood-brain barrier to irritate the brain lining, and also other free radicals that stress the liver and limit liver function