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By Helen Naudé of the
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SobAlert follow up

A year or two ago the Tatler reported on Sobalert, a locally designed tablet that has a taste reminiscent of Suurvygies thanks to the inclusion of Fynbos ingredients. It is an alcohol metaboliser that prevents hangovers. We asked Dr Marshall Myers, who designed the product, how things were progressing.

The first thing he said was that Sobalert works and has no complications. Then he added that it is now used by some as a daily immune booster and it is the only natural product on the market that prevents hangovers. It has inspired the manufacturers to name the box packaging Liver Protector.

Dr Myers believes in the promotion of alcohol knowledge so that users will understand its effect on the body and be encouraged to use alcohol responsibly. When working as a pathologist, he was disturbed by the results of alcohol abuse he saw and says it is important to minimise the damage, Foetal Alcohol Syndrome being a case in point. When alcohol is metabolised in the liver, acetaldehyde is produced. This is an unwanted free radical which causes damage and is largely responsible for hang overs. It of course circulates throughout the body including the brain. This is why the liver can do with some help.

Here’s a nice explanation. “Sobalert protects the cell membranes of the liver including the endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria by chemically providing energy by interacting with and supporting the Krebs cycle. Flavonoids synthesise and breakdown hormones and cholesterol in the liver by supporting the Cp450 cyochrome enzyme in the liver cells.”

Also this, “Sobalert helps speed up the breakdown of alcohol in the liver by approximately 53% by positively reacting with the liver cells (hepatocytes) and their energy factories.” Although the chemical process is a little more scientific than the average person’s understanding stretches, most people know that one needs anti-oxidants to neutralise free radicals.

Understandably Sobalert is a combination of monosaccharides, Vitamin C, antioxidants and flavonoid complexes. Flavonoids (polyphenols) are also antioxidants.

According to reports not only pharmacies but more and more restaurants and tasting rooms are selling this chewy tablet which is gaining popularity overseas. Although it is a natural product and not a medicine, most medical aids cover it; it has a Nappi code.

It all seems like sensible information to have. As we said in a previous report, the good news is that one of our guys comes up with a product that prevents hangovers, based on science and made from local ingredients. Winning when wining!