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SobAlert in conjunction with Rickety Bridge Winery has made Sobalert Plus which is SobAlert with milk thistle and is exported to the USA market.

Also, SobAlert is used for its positive immune effectiveness to treat Familial Mediterranean Fever which is an autoimmune disorder.

It is Medical aid approved.

Liver Health.

SOBALERT is a natural health supplement from the Cape floral kingdom that protects the liver plus in larger doses (4-6 tablets) prevents hangovers and next day breathalyser is negative.

Many people get the impression that SOBALERT is all about preventing hangovers but it boosts the immune system, is calming, healthy and because of the flavonoid content produces SIDEROCALIN which reduces urinary tract infections.

Also SOBALERT increases fat cell sensitivity to insulin so it is a great health supplement.

SOBALERT does much more than what it was intended and it can be taken like a vitamin or green tea because it is packed with goodness.


The high-quality raw ingredients of SobAlert come from the Cape Floral Kingdom. This is an area of over 55,000 square kilometres and although it is the smallest of the world’s 6 floral kingdoms, it is the most bio-diverse area on earth. It has over 9000 floral species of which 7000 Are endemic (The Netherlands has only 11 endemic species). There are more flower species on Table Mountain than in the whole of the British Isles. Scientists are reverting back to us in natural medicines due to consumer demand much like the Khoi San did years ago. Flower species like green tea, rooibos tea, honeybush and Bucchu are used today and so is SobAlert being used with growing popularity to become Southern Africa totally natural no.1 preventer of hangovers. Adhering to international standards, SobAlert is manufactured in Paarl. These ingredients are made into a unique scientifically formulated product that helps the body prevent hangovers.

SobAlert neutralises the free radicals such as the toxin acetaldehyde that crosses the blood-brain barrier to irritate the brain lining and also other free radicals that stress the liver and limit liver function.

SobAlert is South Africa’s no.1 and only 100% natural & proactive hangover remedy.